Wall Trends 2024: Embracing Nature, Dopamine Decor, and the Year of the Green Dragon

As the year draws to a close, it’s our tradition to look ahead and share our insights with you. While we may not have a green portal like Rick and Morty, you can trust that we’re deeply attuned to the latest developments in our industry. Today, we’re excited to dive into the upcoming wall decoration trends for 2024.

We know that wall murals and  wallpapers are no longer a novelty but have evolved into a timeless classic. They encompass a wide range of styles, from bold designs and minimalist prints to subtle shades and vibrant, even daring, colors. Whether your preference leans toward subtle gradients or bold three-dimensional patterns, the diversity of ideas and styles is truly extensive. Within this expansive artistic landscape, there’s a perfect match waiting to be discovered for everyone.

Our goal is to share the 2024 trends to inspire you and to pique your interest with fresh prints and colors, and, of course, keep you informed about the latest design concepts.

Embracing the Beauty of Wildflowers

Here at kith2kin, we hold a deep appreciation for the simple elegance of wildflowers, and we can’t help but be captivated by these exquisite designs. The allure of natural simplicity has been a prevailing interior trend for several seasons. We understand the importance of creating a space that seamlessly blends minimalism and style.

With soft colors, gentle lines, smooth curves, and sharp contours, even intricate patterns can subtly and effortlessly enhance your surroundings. For those who seek to infuse a sense of vastness into their space, but with an intriguing twist, our collection of photo wall murals featuring wildflowers is an absolute must-have. We offer more than one bouquet of options for you on our rolls, waiting to adorn your walls with nature’s grace.


Wall Mural Adalynn

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Ayla

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Water Lilly

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Large-Scale Prints: Making a Bold Statement

In 2024, the trend of large-scale, three-dimensional prints is not only persisting but gaining momentum. This approach is perfect for those looking to create a stunning accent wall in their space. Here, you’re free to explore a wide range of designs, colors, and motifs, allowing your creative flair to shine.


Wall Mural June

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Le donne

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Wings

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Botanical Bliss

Nature, nature, and more nature! Why do we keep highlighting it as a trend? Because it’s a timeless classic, no doubt about it. Beyond floral motifs, we proudly feature a diverse range of landscape designs, from intricate leaf patterns to expansive mountain vistas. Nature’s beauty knows no bounds, and that’s why we firmly believe its motifs will never fall out of favor in interior design, fashion, and our daily lives.

The classic green, brown, and earthy tones often undergo a remarkable transformation in our designs, giving rise to entirely unique hues. This fusion creates a sense of natural tranquility with a touch of something distinct, even magical.


Wall Mural Thea

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Intense

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Midori

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Subtle Muted Maximalism

We know that not everyone is ready to hang a large, bold wall mural on their walls, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the allure of maximalist pints . With this selection, our goal is to showcase the elegance and appropriateness of muted maximalism.

Our diverse range of designs provides opportunities to enhance various spaces, whether it’s a child’s bedroom, a master bedroom, an office, or even commercial areas. The warmth of these colors serves to harmonize and enhance the boldness of the patterns, striking a perfect balance.


Wall Mural Criptic

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Levi

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Calista

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Dopamine Decor: Designing for Joy

The trend of dopamine decor is making waves on a global scale through social networks, even though it has yet to gain universal recognition within the realms of interior design and art communities. This concept finds its roots in the fascinating world of neurochemistry and neurobiology, where dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for creating feelings of pleasure and joy, plays a significant role.

At first glance, one might logically connect this trend with vibrant colors, bold prints, an abundance of delightful details, and more. However, designers often describe it as a philosophy centered around crafting living spaces with elements that infuse happiness into the lives of their inhabitants.

Dopamine triggers are as diverse as the people who experience them, and within this context, we’ve handpicked some «canonical» examples of wall murals in the dopamine decor style. These designs are intended to ignite joy and create a space that radiates positivity and contentment.


Wall Mural Mercury

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Untamed

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Graffiti Pink

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Cross-Design in Various Rooms

This trend is sure to captivate those who appreciate open and spacious interiors, and it’s entirely achievable, even in smaller rooms.

The art of repetition is a remarkable technique for crafting the illusion of a more extensive space, both in terms of width and length. The consistent use of shades or patterns on the walls enhances the feeling of depth and expansiveness.

To ensure a harmonious flow within these interconnected spaces, it’s wise to consider a more understated or delicate design. Of course, your level of daring in decision-making also plays a role, as they say, «the master is in charge».


Wall Mural Mare

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Linear Dusty rose

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Rays

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Green: The Color of 2024, the Year of the Dragon

According to the Oriental calendar, the symbol for 2024 is the Dragon, and not just any Dragon, but a green one. In Chinese tradition, green color is associated with the element of Wood, signifying all living things.

We’re all acquainted with green as a symbol of renewal, the commencement of a new cycle in nature, and a representation of peace, harmony, and well-being. Remember that helpful advice from eye specialists: after prolonged periods of eye strain, focus on something green in the distance. It truly makes a difference!

While a room adorned with a green wall mural may not replace the need for eyeglasses or a psychologist, it can undoubtedly contribute a nice touch to the overall ambiance of the interior. So, even if you approach horoscopes with skepticism, green remains a powerful symbol of serenity and equilibrium in this ever-changing world.


Wall Mural Ikigai

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Layla

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²

Wall Mural Toftir

$ 41,00m²$ 49,00m²