Unsure about which wallpaper material suits your needs? Let us guide you through it!

Our commitment lies in meticulous attention to detail and the careful curation of materials and designs. All our kith2kin wall murals feature a dual-layered composition: a non-woven base layer coupled with a protective vinyl overlay. This combination offers the following advantages:

Durability: The non-woven layer conceals minor wall imperfections, while the vinyl overlay fortifies against mechanical damage.
Moisture Resilience: Thanks to the vinyl top layer, our wallpapers resist moisture, making them an ideal fit for kitchen or bathroom interiors. However, it’s advisable to steer clear of high-humidity areas, such as near bathtubs or sinks, for prolonged durability.
Sunlight Endurance: The top layer safeguards colors from fading, ensuring the design retains its vibrancy over time.
Effortless Maintenance: Our wallpapers are designed for easy cleaning, ensuring lasting appeal.

It’s essential to note that the variation in wallpaper texture may affect color intensity. Delve below to discern these distinctions and select the optimal option for your preferences, knowing our materials empower your creative ideas.

Basic material

This wallpaper material boasts a smooth, dense texture, effectively transforming walls into an artist’s canvas. Ideal for minimalist and refined interiors, where the emphasis lies more on the print than the wallpaper texture.

— Wallpaper size: Any
— Roll length: Any
— Tile (roll) width: up to 50 cm
— Density: 210 g/m²
— Color rendition: 9/10

Premium material

Characterized by a more pronounced embossed texture, this material is perfect for designs that are brighter, more expressive, and closer to life. Achieved through a dense texture reminiscent of sand or an orange peel, these wallpapers can effectively mask minor wall imperfections when necessary.

— Wallpaper size: Any
— Roll length: Any
— Tile (roll) width: up to 50 cm
— Density: 210 g/m²
— Color rendition: 10/10

Wall Mural Vida - 21747a

Wall Mural Las Armonia - 21402a

Wall Mural Foliage Motley - 21363a

Wall Mural Akari - 21785a

Wall Mural Dooega - 21901a

Wall Mural June - 21906a

Wall Mural Wilderness - 21917a

Wall Mural Mercury - 21942a